Welcome to Breezy Ridge Acres. We are a small farm specializing in raw honey.   

Our bees polinate our orchard and garden. They have 57 acres of flowering trees, clover, and wildflowers to meet their needs for nectar and pollen.  Then they graciously share their honey with us.  We care about our bees health and do not use pesticides on our farm.  

We also have chickens, Pekin ducks, guineafowl, and peafowl which provide us with eggs, hatchlings, and feathers. So get comfortable and have a look around our farm.  We hope you enjoy what you see. 

With more than 40 bee hives, our little farm has blossomed into a full-time honey producing and bee keeping operation.  Our hives are located on our apiary and outyards in Mercer and Clarion counties. It's a good day when you can do something you love and be doing something beneficial for the community and the world.